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Hi, my name is Colin Forrestal. I was a MSc Geoarchaeology student at Reading University , graduating in 2012 with a Pass with Merit, having previously graduated with a 2:1 BSc in Archaeology.

My main interests are palaeoclimatology, environmental and field archaeology, especially ombrotrophic peat bogs and river valleys their exploitation, soils, flora and fauna in the Holocene including the mapping of potential archaeology within the catchment.

To this end I am examining the use of modelling techniques and their application when used in conjunction with GISĀ for better informing on the historic environment and the application of stable isotopic analysis of Spagnum moss (S. Imbricatum) to determine the palaeoclimate of the late Neolithic through to Early Iron Age of Midland Ireland.

To this end I have been accepted to give a presentation at the 2013 European Geoscience Conference to be held in Veinna at the beginning of April. The title of which is Using stable isotope analyses of Sphagna moss as palaeoclimatic proxy data: An Irish scenario.

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